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Julie-Anna Carlisle, Owner

About Milkweed Health & Harmony Emporium


“I started Milkweed Health and Harmony Emporium in 2015 as a way to combine my interests in natural products, wellness, sustainability, and art. I had been making soap, moisturizer, and lip balm for many years, and I knew many people were like me and needed an alternative to the sometimes harsh and unsustainable commercial products available. I also realized that people just needed help and encouragement in living natural, harmonious lives. I come from a long line of small-town entrepreneurs, where, as a child, I was a junior grease-monkey, “working” alongside my grandfather in his gas station/deli that he and my grandmother owned in the tiny Kentucky community of Kettle. I loved being a part of a small business and learned from my grandparents that everyone deserves fairness and respect; their neighbors and customers were like a second family. As a young adult, I realized that I was an artist at heart, so, after having three lovely children and dissolving a failed marriage, I pursued, and eventually received, a B.F.A. in studio arts (photography concentration) from Austin Peay State University in 2003. Along the way, I presented arts-related programs to local schools, private groups and domestic violence shelters. Between that time and 2015, I paid my career dues with various tough but rewarding jobs including Arts Education Coordinator, Librarian Assistant, and Youth Workforce Development Coordinator. I also met and married my soul-mate and together we raised our children and finally opened our dream store, Milkweed. I continue to pursue my art, especially through photography, showing my work in regional galleries and juried shows, and, of course, at Milkweed.”


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