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Incense & Accessories

Incense & Accessories

Incense, Burners & Holders

Just as any aromatherapy practice, incense appeals to many of our basic needs, from emotions and mental focus to relaxation and peace. Good incense is transformative. We each have certain scents we respond to for various reasons, so it’s important to try a variety in order to find the best options for each situation. It’s also important to find all-natural, hand rolled incense because some incense may contain harmful chemicals. Our top-of-the-line brand is Shoyeido, a Japanese company that can trace its fragrant roots all the way back to the 18th Century. Shoyeido creates pure incense sticks with only the best ingredients. Check out our beautiful Shoyeido gift boxes and burners. We also offer other types of incense and various burners and holders.


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