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Milkweed Handmade Products

Milkweed Handmade Products

Milkweed Soap

I started making soap ten years ago, mainly because of my sensitive skin and the fact that I don’t like using harsh chemicals that most commercial soaps contain. Milkweed soap starts with a blend of organic, extra-virgin, unrefined coconut oil; organic, extra-virgin, unrefined shea butter; sweet almond oil; and castor bean oil. Notice, shea butter is the second ingredient, which is why my soap is so moisturizing. This collection of vegetable oils follows many years of personal research and experimentation and achieves what I believe is the best combination of sudsing, conditioning, and cleansing. Each soap variety gets special embellishments, such as 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and various botanicals and clays in order to obtain certain effects and benefits. All colors are natural. I don’t use any iron oxides that, while giving some soap vivid color, can contain harmful heavy metals.


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