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Loose Teas & accessories

Loose Teas & accessories

Tea and Accessories

For most of my adult life, I was primarily a coffee drinker, mainly because I had limited exposure to good tea. My husband had experimented with various types of loose tea and convinced me that loose tea was much better quality than teabag tea, and the more I watched him make tea, noticing the quiet pleasure of his peaceful ritual, this big, strong man interacting with such a delicate and calming process, I became hooked, finally trying some other varieties and falling in love with various herbal blends, such as hibiscus flowers and peppermint leaf (similar to our Flat Belly tea). Our Buddhist monk friend, Tsering, has reminded us that tea-making, like many everyday tasks, can be a form of meditation.

Loose tea is usually better quality than tea bag tea because much of it is whole leaf; whereas, most teabag teas have been chopped, or ground, to some degree, and some of it is lower grade. Loose tea is also beautiful, before brewing and after, especially some of our herbal blends that contain various flowers and berries. As I prepared to open Milkweed, I was amazed at the variety of loose teas on the market, and, before I knew it, I had turned our store into one of the best sources for loose teas in the area—with more than 40 varieties. For our website, I have chosen some of our best sellers and favorites. I hope you enjoy them. Please also notice we have a variety of tea-brewing accessories to help create your own wonderful tea experience.


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